Light Blue Calzuro

Heel straps available to add a back to your Calzuro

Durable and Healthy Comfort

The Calzuro - maximum comfort and durability for any professional

Calzuro without Upper Ventilation

Calzuro with Upper Ventilation

Bab Boots

Comfort Insoles

Heel Straps

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Plenty of Benefits...

There is more to Calzuro than meets the eye

Calzuro offers great posture and support

1.5 Inch heel reduces fatigue

Calzuro provides hours of comfort

Designed for hours of comfort

Calzuro is anti-static


Calzuro is made in Italy

Made in Italy

Calzuro has side air vents

Side Air Vents that let feet breathe

Calzuro is machine washable

Bleach or Sterilize up to 300°F, Machine wash up to 212°F, and dryer

Calzuros are slip resistant
Calzuro is slip resistant

Slip Resistant

Calzuros Bottom of Shoe

Italian Sizing

34 - 35

U.K Sizing

2 - 3


calzuros are recyclable

Calzuro is for everyone!

Nurses, Surgeons, Chefs, and Veterinarians are realizing the benefits of Calzuro!

Calzuro is for Doctors

Nurses and Surgeons

Calzuro are great for the hospital and operating rooms. The 1.5 in heel allows for hours of comfortable standing. The newest slip-resistant sole prevents slipping on hospital floors and have side ventilation holes let your feet breathe! Calzuro can be sterilized in the autoclave or bleached and come in a variety of different colors to personalize your scrubs.

Calzuro is for Chefs


Calzuro are great for chefs. They can be washed or sterilized in the dishwasher, and the newest slip-resistant sole keeps kitchen workers on their feet. Kitchen workers wearing Calzuro without upper ventilation holes are shielded from hot spills and their risk for burns is reduced.

Calzuro is for Vets


Calzuro are also great for the veterinary professional team . They are very easy to clean and to wipe off animal hair. Plus there are no “pet surprises” taken home from the clinic.

Calzuro is for Working Professionals

Working Professionals

Calzuro are beneficial for any working professional, from a desk job, stockbroker to a solon employee. The one and half inch heel aids with correct posture, which helps to reduce fatigue. Many standing professionals wear our black shoes, which can pass for dress shoes.

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