About Us


Comfortably walk away from contamination. At Calzuro.com, we know you spend your shift on your feet and need a healthy shoe that can be easily decontaminated. All of our Calzuro shoes are designed to keep you moving and can be machine washed or disinfected with bleach.

Additionally, Calzuro Classic can be sterilized using an autoclave at your facility in the sterile processing department and are uniquely commercial dishwasher safe in a restaurant. Calzuro is here to wash away your worries every step of the way.
Our mission is to provide comfortable, easy to clean footwear made to treat your feet.


Calzuro® was born when creator Gianfranco Bidoia identified the need for a new type of footwear that would meet the changing needs of the medical environment. Using an innovative co-polymer rubber compound, Bidoia was able to create a product that is sterilizable, autoclavable, antistatic, and extremely comfortable for people standing long hours.

Since its establishment in 1983, the brand has grown, expanding its range of products and colors and expanding distribution to almost every country worldwide. Calzuro® was born in Italy and is made with plastic materials developed and produced within the territory. Design, property and creation of the Calzuro® brand is 100% made in Italy.


Calzuro.com is proud to be the exclusive U.S. licensed distributor of the Calzuro brand. Terry Wynne began the US distributorship in 1987 and his wife, Jenifer joined the family business in 1996. Since then, the dynamic duo has led our Calzuro team prioritizing customer satisfaction above all! Calzuro.com strives to serve customers with human communication, brand integrity, dependability, and efficiency.

Our small, but growing team ships your shoes from Plain City, OH. From us to you, grazie!

For wholesale inquiries, please email CAR@calzuro.com


Each year Americans throw away 300 million pairs of shoes, but our goal is to make sure none of them have the Calzuro logo!

Once you max out your miles in Calzuro Classic, remember to recycle. They can be recycled without releasing harmful substances into the environment. Visit Calzuro.com/ComfortClub for information on earning points for recycling.

In addition to providing eco-friendly products, Calzuro.com believes in the power of donation. Over the years, Calzuro.com has treated hundreds of feet by providing footwear to participants of medical missions traveling to third world countries, and non-profit organizations like Freedom a la Cart and Recovery Ventures', aiding in the rehabilitation and recovery participants through trade education in the culinary and hospitality industries. As well as Meg's Mission for early detection mammograms.

By lightening our footprint, we can strengthen our world and everyone that calls it home.

Treat your feet, treat others, treat the planet.