COVID-19 Update

March 17, 2020 COVID-19 Update

At, our mission is to provide easy to clean footwear, made to treat your feet. With the recent COVID-19 updates, is operating our small business with under 10 employees to ship Calzuro shoes all over the US. Those employees who can work from home will do so through April 3 while striving to protect distribution and customer service employees. For now, we are limiting fittings to online via direct message, FaceTime or phone call. Calzuro appreciates our medical customers for their endless hours especially during this difficult time, and hopes our unique autoclavable Calzuro shoes can be of service in preventing contamination. Treat your feet, clean, repeat.

Steps in preventing contamination:


Wash your hands: you've heard it, sing the ABC's, use hot water and soap (at least 20 seconds). Wet, lather, scrub, rinse, dry.

Step 2

Keep your footwear clean: sterilize Calzuro in the autoclave, machine wash or disinfect with bleach. Goodbye germs!

Step 3

If you are working in the medical field, leave your footwear and scrubs at work to be cleaned on site vs wearing in public.