January 2021


It is no secret that the Calzuro brand is a favorite among those in the Culinary field. The Calzuro Classic has a slip resistant sole, is designed for comfort, and can be decontaminated in a multitude of ways including a commercial dishwasher. These are some of the many traits that make the Calzuro Classic so compelling. Bon Appetit has recently made their second feature of the Calzuro Classic in
"The Kitchen Accessories We Loved That You Loved in 2020"
by Mackenzie Chung Fegan.

Fegan did a remarkable job writing about the Calzuro brand. One part of the article, she refers to the Calzuro Classic as the "Ideal COVID house shoe." The Calzuro Classic has indeed, become a staple in not only the kitchen, but in everyday life. The Calzuro Classic is the essential footwear of choice by many professionals because of the safety and decontamination properties. What is so innovative is that you can easily wipe down the shoes with disinfectant wipes or with bleach, throw them in the washing machine, dishwasher, (even autoclave) for medical workers. It brings peace of mind that you can reduce contamination wherever you go, whether that be at your home, your workplace, or the public.

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