Safety Magazine Feature

Calzuro is ecstatic to share the recent article featured in the Safety Magazine,
highlighting the Calzuro brand. Safety Magazine is an Italian
magazine that focuses on personal protection in the footwear industry.
The article that Calzuro is showcased in is titled “At the feet of our heroes.”
See full article here: . This particular
article gives great insight to the Calzuro Brand in an
interview with Roberta Bidoia,
Owner of Bihos SAS for Calzuro Sanitary Clogs.

The magazine starts out mentioning the complimentary nod from New York Magazine
referring to Calzuro as “ the best health footwear of 2020”.
This is a huge credit to the Calzuro brand, especially among the pandemic times.

There are several key topics covered by Roberta throughout the article, one of which
was the rich history of the Calzuro clog. Roberta discusses the creation of the clog in
Italy by Gianfranco Bidoia in 1983 that filled a need in the health sector for “a clog in plastic
material that can be sterilized in an autoclave, antistatic, and extremely comfortable for those
who have to stand many hours on their feet.” The sales channels and markets are also
introduced in the interview. As a brief recap, the Calzuro clog caters to many different fields
including the healthcare, culinary industry, beauty and wellness, and many other fields/occupations
listed in the article. The article also covers the importance of delivering on sustainability and
highlights many of the key features of the footwear including “, quality, protection and even
aesthetics..”. When asked about the vision for the future of the industry, Roberta has many great
plans going forward for the brand. One of our favorite lines was “ these days it is custom to create
a human relationship with the customer, both in the physical store and online: we have always done this.
A true love and passion for our work are the secrets behind all this”.

Roberta did a wonderful job capturing the essence of the brand and bringing to light why Calzuro
is a favorite among so many.

It rings true that whether it be Italy, or US territory, passion is key and the customers are the
heart of the business.