July: Calzuro is Featured the Strategist!
Calzuro is Featured in the Strategist!

On June 20, 2021, Calzuro was featured in New York Magazine’s- The Strategist in the
article “10 Things That Delighted Us Last Week: From Chic Clogs to Cooling Blankets”.

The Strategist starts off by referring to Calzuro Classic as “the chic alternative to Crocs”.

The article describes a first- hand experience of Calzuro from travel blogger Kate Branch
on her honeymoon through Montenegro. While visiting the rocky beaches, Branch said the
shoes " kept her feet comfortable while wading in water."
Although many Calzuro customers are in the healthcare field, the company has seen an
enormous increase of Calzuro wearers in both the fashion and lifestyle arena. Calzuro
clogs deliver on the versatility of both practicality & style with the easy to clean features
and the bright beautiful colors offered. These shoes are an absolute staple for your wardrobe
for this very reason.

This is the third time Calzuro was highlighted by the Strategist. In October 2019, Calzuro was
featured in “ Are these Surgeon Shoes the Next Danskos?". This particular article interviewed
several people who wear Calzuro, from all different walks of life. This includes nurses, surgeons,
culinary professionals, artists, and beach- goers. One artist said " you can stand in them all day-
their insanely comfortable". A friend of the artist, commented, "getting a pair of Calzuros was
life changing."

Calzuro is for everyone! Whether you are wearing them for work or for fashion, Calzuro Classic is
your everyday shoe that will enhance your lifestyle.

Calzuro is honored to be showcased again in the Strategist and is excited to educate readers on
the benefits of wearing the Calzuro brand.
For more information on Calzuro, please contact marketing@calzuro.com.