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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I received my Calzuro order and noticed the size on the bottom of the sole does not match the size I purchased. The size on the heel is correct, why is the sole a different size?

A: The bottom of the Calzuro sole refers to UK sizing.

Q: My US shoe size is 9 ½. According to the Calzuro size chart, Italian sizes 38-39 and 39-40 both fit a size 9 ½ . Which size do I order?

A: In this case, if you also wear a size 10 the suggested size is a 39-40. However, if you wear a 9-9.5 the size 38-39 would be the correct fit.

Q: What is the width of a Calzuro?

A: Calzuro is available in a medium width only.

Calzuro Function

Q: Is Calzuro available with a back?

A: Heel straps can be attached to the Calzuro for a supportive back.

Q: How long will my Calzuro shoes last?

A: While Calzuro is a great and durable product, the length of wear for Calzuro is unique to the individual customer.

Q: With our without upper ventilation-how do I choose?

A: This is judged by your work environment. For shoppers who’s feet perspire and need extra air benefit by wearing Calzuro with upper ventilation. Shoe covers can be worn for protection against liquids. Calzuro without upper ventilation add extra shelter from liquids or dropping of instruments.

Buying Calzuro

Q: Does Calzuro.com ever have sales?

A: Look on Calzuro.com for occasional “Deal of the Day” coupons. Also, be sure to like the Calzuro Facebook and Twitter pages for upcoming Calzuro promotions!

Q: What is the return policy?

A: This can be found on our Customer Service page. Calzuro.com accepts refunds and easy even exchanges for product returned within 30 days of purchase and without signs of wear.

Q: My feet are unique; one size is a bit snug and the next size is a tad too long. Is there any solution?

A: Heel straps a great for individuals in between sizes because they allow the shopper to be able to feel secure and safe when walking in the larger size. This is also a positive so toes do not rub in smaller sizes.