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Q: I received my Calzuro with/without upper ventilation order and noticed the size on the bottom of the sole does not match the size I purchased. The size on the heel is correct, why is the sole a different size?
A: The bottom of the Calzuro sole refers to UK sizing.

Q: My US shoe size is 9 ½. According to the Calzuro size chart, Italian sizes 38-39 and 39-40 both fit a size 9 ½ . Which size do I order?
A: In this case, if you also wear a size 10 the suggested size is a 39-40. However, if you wear a 9-9.5 the size 38-39 would be the correct fit.

Q: What is the width of a Calzuro?
A. All Calzuro products are a medium width.

Q: My feet are unique; one size is a bit snug and the next size is a tad too long. Is there a solution?
A: Heel straps work well for individuals in between sizes because they allow the shopper to feel secure and safe when walking in the longer size.

Q: Can I order one pair of shoes in two different sizes?
A: Absolutely! Call Calzuro Customer service to place a phone order 800-257-9472 M-F 8-5 EST.

Q: How does the new Calzuro Light, Calzuro Pro, and Calzuro Aqua fit compared to Calzuro?
A: The Calzuro Light and Calzuro Pro have different size charts than the original Calzuro. Please refer to size charts on the product pages.

Calzuro Function
Q: Is Calzuro available with a back?
A: Heel straps can be attached to Calzuro for a secure back. There is also a new product Called Calzuro Pro that is made with an enclosed back.

Q: Can you change the Heel Straps out with different colors?
A: Yes, the Heel Straps are interchangeable for customers to coordinate and personalize their Heel Straps and clogs!

Q: Can the Heel Strap hardware be removed?
A: Yes, a small pin hole will be left, but it is unnoticeable. See how, here.

Q: How long will my Calzuro shoes last?
A: While Calzuro is a durable product, the length of wear for Calzuro is unique to the individual. Typically, customers purchase new shoes within 1-2 years.

Q: With or Without upper ventilation-how do I choose?
A: This depends on your work environment. Calzuro With Upper Ventilation increase airflow, which keeps your feet feeling cooler. Shoe covers can be worn for protection against liquids. Calzuro Without Upper Ventilation prevent liquids and are safe if you accidentally drop instruments.

Q: How can I clean my Calzuro brand shoes?
A: All Calzuro shoe products are easy to clean and can be rinsed in the sink, washed in the washing machine, or bleached. Calzuro Without Upper Ventilation and Calzuro with Upper Ventilation can also be sterilized in the autoclave, and for culinary use cleaned in a commercial dishwasher. Click here for autoclave information. See our chart below for temperature info:

Buying Calzuro
Q: Does Calzuro.com have sales?
A: Follow Calzuro on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for upcoming promotions!

Q: What is the return policy?
A: Calzuro.com accepts even exchanges and returns for product returned within 30 days of original purchase and without signs of wear.

For full instructions on even exchanges and returns, please refer to the Customer Service page.