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The Calzuro Story

Designed with surgeons in mind, the Italian-made Calzuro has been providing comfort for many standing professions since 1983. Add luxury to each step with massaging bumps in the bed of each Calzuro shoe, circulating blood-flow. The 1.5” heel is recommended by podiatrists to set the body anatomically correct, reducing fatigue. Side ventilation allows feet to breathe during long work hours on foot!

Personalize your scrubs and wardrobe with 16 Calzuro colors! The two styles available are Calzuro with or without upper ventilation! Worried about contamination at the workplace? Calzuro can be sterilized in an autoclave (up to 275 °F)! Calzuro also can be washed at home in the washing machine, disinfected with bleach, or cleaned in a commercial dishwasher.

Calzuro benefits any standing profession from medical to culinary, veterinary to dentistry and many more!

Calzuro.com is family owned! All orders ship free out of Plain City, Ohio. Shipments are received monthly from Italy.

Thank you for wearing Calzuro!

-Calzuro.com Team