Calzuro Classic- The Emerging Fashion Staple

Calzuro Classics cater to all walks of life. Many Calzuro wearers are predominantly in the healthcare field, but can also be found in other fields such as culinary, art, and cosmetology. Within the last year, however, we are seeing a large emergence in the fashion industry. People are finding that not only are the shoes a necessity during the pandemic with their easy to clean features, but they are fashionable too! It strikes the perfect balance for functionality and style which is a rarity, particularly in shoes.

The Calzuro Classics come in a variety of colors that can be viewed on Some of the colors such as Hot Pink, Teal, and Yellow are really a standout, yet are versatile enough to complete any outfit. Also popular are more understated colors such as Black, Metallic Grey, and White. There are Heel Straps that can be added for a pop of color and also offer a more secure back. The Heel Straps also offer a more secure back. Comfort Insoles can be purchased as well which help create extra cushioning in the shoe.

Aside from the attractiveness, there are many other benefits to wearing the shoes. They are 100% Italian Made, and can be cleaned a multitude of ways including autoclave(healthcare), machine wash, bleach, commercial dishwasher(culinary), and by wiping with disinfectant wipes. In this day and age, this is critical to help prevent decontamination as you walk from place to place. The shoes are also designed for comfort, which is a huge benefit whether you are working a long shift, traveling through the airport, or strolling the streets of the city. Other benefits include massage bumps in the foot bed to help with circulation and a slight heel on the shoe to help reduce fatigue while you are on your feet for extended periods of time. A huge bonus is that once you’ve maxed out your miles, the Classics can be recycled too! With recycling also comes rewards- view the Comfort Club perks at

From West Coast to East Coast, Calzuro is quickly becoming a staple for the wardrobe and can even be found in several fashion retail locations such as Scandihoo(Stockholm, WI), Marche Rue Dix(Brooklyn, NY) and Shoe Market NYC also (Brooklyn, NYC), and more to come!

Calzuro is proud to offer a product that allows people to look and feel their best, and most importantly- helps protect themselves and those around them!

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