How to Clean Your Calzuro
Cleaning shoes can be a hard or impossible task, but not with Calzuro.

Cleaning your shoes can often be a daunting task. Many shoes are made with fabrics that absorb stains and make them hard to remove. With Calzuro, our shoes are easy to clean. Calzuro Classics and Rebel are made with a rubber compound that makes them easy to wipe debris away, instead of trapping it in.

Our shoes are perfect for those who need easy-to-clean shoes. Whether you work in the medical field, food industry, or anywhere your shoes can get dirty, Calzuro is made for you!

There are many ways to clean your Calzuro! You can hand wash them, throw them in a dishwasher/washing machine, or wipe them with disinfectant wipes.

Read our best practice instruction guides below to see what we recommend when cleaning your Calzuro:

*We recommend when using the washing machine or dishwasher that you use a mild detergent.