Calzuro: The Earth Shoe (Earth Day 2023)
Do you want to reduce your environmental footprint this Earth Day? Calzuro Clogs are 100% recyclable, making the Earth cleaner, one pair at a time!

Did you know that Calzuro Classic/Rebel Clogs are recyclable?

Our eco-friendly shoes help keep the Earth clean and safe from toxic waste.

Next time you take a walk in the woods or around your garden, remember that Calzuro is helping to reduce unnecessary waste.

Every year in America, approximately 300 million pairs of shoes go to waste. Calzuro has made it its mission to be sustainable and eco-friendly. Calzuro Classic and Rebel are made from a co-polymer rubber that is 100% recyclable. They are also considered non-allergenic, latex-free, and in compliance with REACH Standards. No more throwing away your shoes and having them sit in a landfill!

At we offer a recycling program where you can earn 50 Comfort Club points for a photo of you recycling your shoes!

Read more about REACH Standards