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Why Calzuro?


Comfort is key! Calzuro shoes have massaging bumps to stimulate blood circulation. Calzuro.com offers comfort insoles for $10.00. This accessory has a two-ply material, and compliments the massaging bumps. Comfort insoles are also shock absorbent and can we be washed weekly in a washing machine. Calzuro is comfortable at work, but also can be worn as a leisure shoe around the house and garden.

Calzuro has massaging bumps


Calzuro is a practical shoe for many professionals! The 1.5” sets the body anatomically correct and provides hours of comfort. The sole of a Calzuro is slip resistant, helpful on many work surfaces. The ability to disinfect Calzuro in the autoclave, bleach, washing machine, and commercial dishwasher is another added bonus.

Calzuro has massaging bumps


Calzuro comes in 17 colors to choose from, making it fun and practical to personalize scrubs, uniforms, and other work attire. There are two styles offered; Calzuro with upper ventilation holes, and Calzuro without upper ventilation holes. Both styles have lower ventilation holes to aid feet. Shoe covers can be worn over Calzuro with upper ventilation holes, to prevent contamination. Heel straps also range in different colors, and can be mix and matched for a fun combination!

Calzuro has massaging bumps


Calzuro were designed in Italy, and are still manufactured there in Padova today. This Italian product last longer than the competition. Bihos, the Italian manufacturer is confident of the durability of Calzuro.

Calzuro has massaging bumps