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Plenty of Benefits...

There is more to Calzuro
than meets the eye

Calzuro offers great posture and support

1.5 Inch heel reduces fatigue

Calzuro provides hours of comfort

Designed for hours of comfort

Calzuro is anti-static


Calzuro is made in Italy

Made in Italy

Calzuro has side air vents

Side Air Vents that let feet breathe

Calzuro is machine washable

Bleach or Sterilize up to 250°F, Machine wash up to 212°F, and dryer

Calzuros are slip resistant
Calzuro is slip resistant

Slip Resistant

Calzuros Bottom of Shoe

Italian Sizing

34 - 35

U.K Sizing

2 - 3


calzuros are recyclable